One step ahead of your market.

Tool for fast market research and monitoring.


Meet OnionGraph

Map your Market

Quickly map the niche and business environment of any website.

Find Similar Sites

Find a plethora of sites like yours, then determine their relevantness at a glance.

Track your Digital Landscape

Maps created by you continously provide you with new data as the market changes.

OnionGraph is for


  • Show your client how his market and it's structure looks like
  • Create insights for client's niche
  • Automate market research process for your employees
  • Create market prints and presentations for your clients

Market Researchers

  • Quickly develop research projects aggregating data from worldwide markets
  • Build data driven marketing strategies across multiple channels
  • Understand, track, and grow your digital market share


  • Identify and analyze subjects on any given market
  • Find new subjects and competitors
  • Monitor and observe market changes

Biz dev

  • Find your place in your niche
  • Discover competitors and potential associates
  • Inspect business ecosystem you take part in
  • Find new sales leads
  • Explore foreign markets efficiently

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